Last Minute Deals in Playa del Carmen

Last minute holiday deals in Playa del Carmen

Last Minute Deals in Playa del CarmenLast minute vacations are exciting. Here is a list of the best last minute holiday deals in Playa del Carmen. They become the quickest and most affordable way to escape from the daily grind! Seize the opportunity to book our last minute deals with very special rates you’ve never seen before from Condo Hotels.

Want to extend your stay in your own quaint retreat in the heart of Playa del Carmen?

Just get in touch with our Reservations Team and they’ll set you up with one of our discounted condos below and other available condos for the dates you require to fulfill the vacations you’ve always dreamed.

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1 Bedrooms at El Taj

2 Nights Stay

Condo 30301/03/2017 To 01/05/2017

Condo 34601/01/2017 To 01/03/2017

Condo 35201/01/2017 To 01/03/2017

3 Nights Stay

Condo 321 – 01/01/2016 To 01/04/2017

Condo 351 – 01/02/2016 To 01/05/2017

Condo 326 – 01/02/2016 To 01/05/2017

Condo 322 – 01/02/2016 To 01/05/2017

4 Nights Stay

Condo 35412/29/2016 To 01/02/2017

Condo 34112/30/2016 To 01/03/2017

2 Bedrooms at El Taj

2 Nights Stay

Condo 30401/01/2017 To 01/03/2017

Condo 30801/02/2017 To 01/04/2017

Condo 31001/03/2017 To 01/05/2017

Condo 31412/30/2016 To 01/01/2017

3 Nights Stay

Condo 30912/31/2016 To 01/03/2017

Condo 32801/01/2017 To 01/04/2017

Condo 34401/01/2017 To 01/04/2017